Purchase Nazava credits to offset your company’s CO₂ emissions

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits are measurable, verifiable CO2 emission reductions stemming from activities that reduce, remove, or avoid CO2 in the atmosphere.  Examples of carbon credit projects include using clean cooking stoves, forest conservation, and even using Nazava Water Filters!

How do carbon credits for Nazava Filters work?

In low income countries many households resort to boiling their water to make it safe to drink. However, boiling water creates significant carbon emissions since it requires burning non-renewable fossil fuels or biomass (usually firewood).

Using biomass is especially harmful as it creates indoor air pollution and aids deforestation. Thus, using water filters such as Nazava results in reduced carbon emissions, which can then be converted into carbon credits.

Nazava sells carbon credits to businesses interested in reducing their carbon footprint. We use revenue from the sale or carbon credits to support last mile distribution and fund maintenance and replacement parts for our school program.

Nazava’s carbon credits are certified by the Gold Standard methodology for carbon offset projects in Indonesia and Ethiopia. To learn more about how Nazava can help offset your company’s carbon footprint and to purchase carbon credits, please contact [email protected].

One Nazava water filter reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 0.29 tCO2 per year and therefore helps to combat climate change.