Purchase Nazava credits to offset your personal or business CO₂ emissions

  • Nazava Water Filters reduce deforestation, improve health and reduce poverty.
  • We leverage our carbon offsets to develop additional local sales and distribution channels to reach more households.

The use of Nazava’s contributes to significant savings of time (both for cooking and fuel or water procurement) and money which can be utilized for other needs like education, healthcare, and income-generating activities. In Kenya, a family saves on average $21/year, which is a lot of money in Indonesia.

Nazava users report 59 percent less diarrhea. In addition Nazava’s contributes to the reduction of indoor air pollution (smoke, particulate matter, and carbon monoxide), resulting in a decrease in respiratory diseases, headaches, and itchy eyes.

Women are mostly responsible for cooking and procuring water. Using a water filter women can save over 2 hours per week.

Nazava’s local manufacturing facility in Bandung, Kenya employs more than 20 people. In addition, its operations have created 200+ jobs for sales, marketing, distribution, and monitoring staff. Continuous training results in permanent knowledge transfer to local people.

One Nazava’s reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to `1 tons of CO2 per annum and therefore helps to combat climate change.

Because people use less fuel wood to boil water Nazava users have saved 78.23 Hectares of forest.