Purchase Nazava credits to offset your company’s CO₂ emissions

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits are measurable, verifiable CO2 emission reductions stemming from activities that reduce, remove, or avoid CO2 in the atmosphere.  Examples of carbon credit projects include using clean cooking stoves, forest conservation, and even using Nazava Water Filters!

How do carbon credits for Nazava Filters work?

In low income countries many households resort to boiling their water to make it safe to drink. However, boiling water creates significant carbon emissions since it requires burning non-renewable fossil fuels or biomass (usually firewood).

Using biomass is especially harmful as it creates indoor air pollution and aids deforestation. Thus, using water filters such as Nazava results in reduced carbon emissions, which can then be converted into carbon credits.

Nazava sells carbon credits to businesses interested in reducing their carbon footprint. We use revenue from the sale or carbon credits to support last mile distribution and fund maintenance and replacement parts for our school program.

Nazava’s carbon credits are certified by the Gold Standard methodology for carbon offset projects in Indonesia and Ethiopia. To learn more about how Nazava can help offset your company’s carbon footprint and to purchase carbon credits, please contact [email protected].

One Nazava water filter reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 0.29 tCO2 per year and therefore helps to combat climate change.

Nazava Water filters Gold Standard carbon credit project documents.

Additional explanation Sampling & Survey MP2

Sampling plan :  Can be downloaded here: Nazava_MP22020_SamplePlan.docx

Description on how sampling is carried out is found in section D.4.Implementation of sampling plan in the mp2 monitoring report that can be found here:

The actual file used for sampling with the random ranges and list anonymized user list is here

GS4290 MP2 Nazava_MP2(2020)_Sampling_Village 20122020 (PRIVATE DATE REMOVED.xlsx 

The questionnaire can be found here:

GS4290 MP2 Qeustionaire Epicollect5 – Formbuilder.pdf 

Notes on Financial additionality of Nazava Water Filters Indonesia Carbon credit project

Nazava sells household water filters between Rp280,000 and Rp750,000 with the main product (Nazava Murni ) selling at Rp470,000.  See pricelist here: Pricelist Filter Air Minum.pdf

Because selling in rural areas is very expensive, Nazava has counted on carbon credits to subsidize the price from the start. 

The table below shows the profit and loss for the project years and the water filters sold under the project. Figures are from audited data, the audited accounts are available on request and signing of a NDA.  From the table it shows that there is a subsidy of  around Rp49 000 which is around US$3 per filter sold. This subsidy is higher than revenues from carbon credits. 

subsidy provided per filter

P& L summary Nazava Indonesia (audited data) 2009 2010 2011 (first project year) 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
water filter revenue 90 M 336 M 900 M 1,140 M 1,945 M 2,784 M 2,387 M 4,030 M 3,715 M 7,206 M 5.9B 3.3B 4.7B 6.1B
Carbon credit revenue 822M 1.3B 3.0B
Total Revenue 90 M 336 M 900 M 1,140 M 1,945 M 2,784 M 2,387 M 4,030 M 3,715 M 7,206 M 5.9B 4.1B 6.0B 9.0B
Costs of Goods Sold 82 M 206 M 769 M 647 M 1,306 M 1,797 M 1,633 M 2,596 M 2,341 M 4,313 M 3.6B 1.78B 3.0B 4.0B
Total Operating Expenses 82 M 140 M 652 M 889 M 1,235 M 1,171 M 708 M 1,255 M 1,728 M 1,753 M 2.0B 1.82B 2.53B 4.52B
Total Expenses 164 M 347 M 1,421 M 1,537 M 2,542 M 2,968 M 2,341 M 3,851 M 4,069 M 6,066 M 5,601 M 3,595 M 5,516 M 8,524 M
EBITDA -75M -11M -521M -397M -597M -185M 46 M 179 M -354M 1,141 M 276M 555M 457M 518M
Interest expenses 830 M 90 M 264 M 11 M 54 M 0K 43M
Depreciation -81M 180 M – 92 M 74 M 153 M 199 M 200 M 34 M 220 M 221M 300M
Pre-tax income -75M -11M -440M -577M -505M -259M -798M 26 M -643M 677 M 79M 281M 237M 176M
Taxable income M M M 473 M 281 M 237 M 176 M
Tax Expense M M 33 M 135 M 26 M 32 M 27M 130M
post tax income -75M -11M -440M -577M -505M -259M -798M 26 M -677M 542 M 53M 249M 263M 306M
revenue without carbon credits -75M -11M -440M -577M -505M -259M -798M 26 M -677M 542 M 53 M -573M -1,038M -2,647M
accumulative revenue ex carbon credtis -440M -1,017M -1,522M -1,781M -2,578M -2,553M -3,229M -2,688M -2,635M -3,208M -4,246M -6,893M
water filters 248 4,969 8,165 8,533 8,763 18,219 13,298 30,045 14,239 9,908 13,163 10,029
accumulative water filters 248 5,217 13,382 21,915 30,678 48,897 62,195 92,240 106,479 116,387 129,550 139,579
subsidy per filter 2M 195K 114K 81K 84K 52K 52K 29K 25K 28K 33K 49K