Disaster Relief Water Purification Filters

Nazava provides the most simple disaster relief water purification solution

When disasters strikes, they can destroy or contaminate entire water supplies, increasing the risk of diseases like cholera to which children are particularly vulnerable. Nazava Water Filters are easy to use and require no tools or electricity, making them ideal for use in humanitarian and disaster relief. Unlike other disaster relief water purification systems that are designed purely for disaster response, our ceramic filters last for 7000L, or about 3 years worth, meaning that they can be used by disaster victims long after aid organizations leave. Our filters come in a variety of sizes from 6 to 27.5 liters, and can even be assembled using locally sourced materials using our Do It Yourself kit. Our Petrus Filter is lightweight, portable, and a must have for any emergency kit.

Through partnerships with organizations such as Kopernik, and Mercy Corps, and Aqua-Danone, our filters have been deployed in emergency situations in Indonesia and around the world. Through our long term arrangement with Unicef we provided 10,000 water filters to war victims in Ukraine with an additional 10,000 provided via a crowdfunding campaign. Most recently, we were selected as one of the winners of the UpLink – World Economic Forum and HRI Humanitarian Impact and Resilience Challenge.

Nazava Water Filters were sent to war victims in Ukraine as part of our long term arrangement with Unicef. The filters were assembled using locally sourced materials using our DIY kit and distributed in partnership with De Leeuw Kyiv, and Save UA.

Nazava Water Filters distributed to victims of the November 2022 Earthquake in Cianjur.

Nazava Water Filters have been distributed in emergency relief situations in Indonesia and around the world:


No Description Location Year Partner(s)
1 Provision of Water Filters to conflict victims Aceh, Indonesia 2010 International Organization for Migration, Jakarta
2 Drinking Water Filters for earthquake victims West Sumatera, Indonesia 2010 Help Germany
3 Drinking Water Filters for earthquake victims West Sumatera, Indonesia 2010 World Vision Indonesia
4 Training and provision of water filters to at risk households West Timor, Indonesia 2013 Acted, France
5 Provision of water filters to conflicts of the Sinabung Volcano Eruption Sumatera, Indonesia 2014 Kopernik
6 Water filters for earthquake victims North Aceh, Indonesia 2017 Indonesian Red Cross
 7 Water Filters for Volcano Eruption victims Bali, Indonesia 2017 Social Impakt
8 Water Filters for Earthquake victims Lombok, Indonesia 2018 MercyCorps, Plan International, Social Impakt, PA foundation, Care, Kopernik and others
9 Water Filters for earthquake and tsunami victims Palu, Indonesia 2018-2019 MercyCorps, Plan International, Social Impakt, PA foundation, Care, Kopernik and others
10 Water Filters for earthquake victims Cianjur, Indonesia 2022-2023 Bandung Independent School, others

Other countries:

No Description Location Year Partner(s)
1 Water filters and cooking stoves for refugees Myanmar 2014 Kopernik Solutions, USA
2 Water filters for cyclone victims Philippines 2014 Royal Haskoning DHV, The Netherlands
3 Water filters for earthquake victims Nepal 2015 PA International, CSR
4 Water filters cyclone victims Mozambique 2019 Resiliencia Mozambique, Technology for Humanity
5 Water Filters for War Victims Ukraine 2022 – present Unicef, Rotary International, Save UA, The Leeuw Kyiv Foundation

Our Products

Each Nazava Water Filter comes equipped with a WHO-certified Nazava PROR3CT ceramic filter element. The Nazava PROT3CT is designed to remove pathogens and dirt from tap, well, rain and surface water so it becomes safe to drink.  This ceramic filter cartridge comes in both horizontal and vertical configurations. Below is a list of some of our most common disaster relief water purification filters. However each filter can be modified to include more Nazava PROT3CT elements, which increases the flow rate. 

Nazava Pro3ct Ceramic Filter Element

Capacity: 7000 liters or 3 years
Weight: 250 gram
Removal: 99.9% of bacteria
(tested by WHO)
• Silver impregnated, filled with
activated carbon Iodine 1100
• Compatible with all Nazava®
filter products

• Available in vertical and horizontal configuration

Nazava XL

Volume: 2 x 27.5 Liters
Flow rate: 15 liters/hour
Weight: 4 kg
Volumetric weight: 13 kg
• 3 ceramic filter candles
• 20ft CTR fits 500pcs

Nazava Water Filter

Volume: 2 x 16 Liters
Flow rate: 2 liters/hour
Weight: 2.5 kg
Volumetric weight:7 kg
• 1 ceramic filter candle
• Designed by Delft University
• Worldwide best seller
• 40ft CTR fits 3750pcs

Nazava Small

Volume: 2 x 6 Liters
Flow rate: 2 liters/hour
Weight: 1.2 kg

Climate change is making matters worse.

Climate change is causing the frequency and severity of extreme weather to increase. This impacts both the quantity and quality of water. Flooding can overwhelm sewage systems, contaminating well and groundwater. Drought lessens the amount of water available, and less dilution leads to increased concentration of contaminants. Extreme weather events already dominate the headlines around the world. Indonesia and East Africa, where Nazava has a large presence, are prone to booth flooding and drought. Thus with the increased risk of contamination, Nazava provides a powerful tool helping communities improve their disaster resilience. 

Extreme weather events increase the risk of water sources

becoming contaminated.

How can you help?

Partner with Nazava! Join organizations such as Unicef, Mercy Corps, and World Vision who have all joined forces with Nazava to distribute water filters to disaster victims in need. Our product is one of the few WHO-certified products that is produced in the Global South, making it easy to deploy to nearby potential disaster hotspots. We are a very strong player in the humanitarian market, having been distributed in 14 crisis situations in countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Ukraine. Not only do our products provide temporary relief, they also provide a long-term solution: our products last for 3 years which means even when the crisis has subsided our products can still be used.

Any interested parties can contact Steven Ramsey ([email protected]) or Guido van Hofwegen ([email protected]) for more information.