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SWIMUSA Provides Drinking Water Filter for 1.200 Sejin’s Employee through Innovative Programme

SWIMUSA Provides Drinking Water Filter for 1.200 Sejin’s Employee through Innovative Programme

1,200 employees from PT Sejin in Tangerang, Banten, on June 2, 2021, received access to affordable and healthy drinking water through an innovative partnership between SWIMUSA, PT Sejin, and PT Holland for Waters or Nazava. Through this innovative collaboration will effectively increase employee productivity, promote a healthier lifestyle, and save Rp3 million per year.

Safe Drinking Water for Schools Program, End of Year Update

Help Nazava Provide Safe Drinking Water to 50,000 Schools!

Since 2009 Nazava has worked with partners such as Kopernik, Social ImpaKt, and Aqua-Danone to provide water filters to over 1000 schools in Indonesia. However, the drinking water problem in Indonesian schools remains large. Learn about Nazava’s Safe Water for Schools program and how you can help impact 7.5 million primary school children with safe drinking water.

In Indonesia, 79 percent of schools lack access […]

Argentina France, who has best water and sanitation?

Argentina France world cup prediction: Who has best drinking and sanitation?

It is the last day of the World Cup in Qatar. The final match, Argentina vs France is a match between two big soccer nations and also between the two larger than life stars Mbappé (France) and Messi (Argentina). If you plan to watch, here is an official warning from Nazava: these kind of high level, much anticipated superfinals can be extremely boring as both teams are expected to play very carefully and wait […]

World Cup Quarter Finals: Netherlands vs. Argentina, who will win on SDG 6?

Netherlands vs. Argentina: who will go to semi finals if we look at the water data?

The plot is thickening in Qatar now we have arrived at the quarter finals. The Argentinians put all their hope on their current squad as this is (most likely) Messi’s last world cup. It will be a very interesting match on many dimensions. The Queen of the Netherlands is Argentina so technically the Netherlands and Argentina are one kingdom right? The […]

Cameroon Brazil who will win considering access to water

Cameroon vs Brazil who wins football if we look to access to drinking water

Cameroon Brazil who will win considering access to water.

World cup predictions based on access to safe drinking water and sanitation

The Indomitable Lions will have to win this match against the divine canaries and even then they are not sure they will move to the last 16. However, as we have proven during this world cup, access to water is a very important determinant of success […]

The real energy transition and authentic Musk Guido’s B20 observation

The energy transition is here for real and Musk is inspiringly authentic

In this blogpost (Guido, Nazava’s co-founder) reflect on my visit to the B20 conference in Bali. Opinions are my own.

During the COVID years conference visits were sparse and trips to Bali even sparser. We quite often visit trade shows and conferences for […]

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