Help provide vulnerable Households in Argentina with safe drinking water!

Women pouring water into Nazava Murni

We are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership between Nazava Water Filters and Argentinian NGO Banco de R3siduos (Waste Bank Argentina) to provide safe drinking water to vulnerable families in Argentina. Born out of World Water Week 2023 in Stockholm, the collaboration aims to provide over 100 families with access to safe and affordable drinking water in the first half of 2024. Eventually Waste Bank will start a social enterprise to bring safe and affordable Nazava purified water throughout the country. 

The Drinking Water Problem in Argentina 

Drinking water is an essential human right and necessary prerequisite for sustainable development. However in Argentina more than 9 million people do not have access to safe drinking water. Argentina has a long history of economic crises and ordinary Argentinians struggling to afford the most basic necessities, including drinking water.

Waste Bank operates in vulnerable neighborhoods in Misiones Province, home to about 250 families. The residents formed the neighborhood in the 1990s, self-relocating after the flooding due to the construction of the Yacyretá dam on the Parana river with neighboring Paraguay. In recent months, the residents have faced flooding again due to heavy rains resulting in damage to already fragile water infrastructure. With climate change causing more frequent and intense extreme weather events, the need for resilient and sustainable solutions for safe drinking water are increasingly urgent. 

Flooding in El Porvenir neighborhood, Argentina

Flooding in El Porvenir neighborhood, Misiones Province Argentina. Photo courtesy of Santiago Marcos Trejo, 2023.

Solution: Nazava and Waste Bank Argentina provide vulnerable families with safe drinking water

Since 2018 Waste Bank has managed a wide range of socio-economic projects in Argentina to promote sustainable development, mitigate climate change, and environmental pollution. Since 2009 Nazava Water Filters has provided safe and affordable drinking water with our award winning, WHO certified water filters to over a half people worldwide. Our filters eliminate dirt and 99% of bacteria and are well adapted to the local reality of families in the neighborhoods Waste Bank works as they require very little maintenance. Our filters last 7000 liters, or three years worth of safe and sustainable drinking water. 

After meeting at World Water Week, we saw great potential to have a positive impact on communities in Argentina, leading to Waste Bank’s Project Manager Santiago Trejo bringing a couple sample filters back to Argentina. The families that received the first filters immediately experienced safe and reliable access to drinking water which was not available before. Following the successful test run, Nazava and Waste Bank Argentina signed an MOU to conduct a pilot project to provide more families in Misiones province with safe, reliable, and climate resilient drinking water. As of March 2024, 15 families have received water filters with firm orders for 100 filters in the first half of 2024. Click here to view an interactive map of where the filters are located along with pictures!

Waste Bank uses Nazava DIY Kits to assemble the filters using locally sourced buckets from an ice cream company, thereby reducing costs and recycling what would have become plastic waste. Furthermore, each Nazava filter comes with a disposal guide on how to recycle the filters once they reach end of life.

Nazava users in Argentina   Nazava user in Argentina  Nazava user Argentina  Nazava user in Argentina  Nazava user with Prot3ct in Argentina

Using water filters is not very common in Argentina, therefore it is important to socialize families on the proper use and maintenance of the filters. Furthermore, Waste Bank Argentina has held meetings with local government officials and Universities to spread awareness about the importance of safe drinking water. Nazava is offered as an affordable and sustainable alternative to buying bottled water or relying on expensive infrastructure.

Nazava at the University of Buenos Aires - Faculty of Medical Sciences

Socialization of Nazava Water Filters at the University of Buenos Aires – Faculty of Medical Sciences

Next steps and the way forward

The filters for the initial pilot project are distributed for free to the most vulnerable families. Funding is provided by the environmental consulting firm Idonella and fintech crowdfunding service Biospehere Rocks. The results of the pilot project will be used to show the benefits of using Nazava Water Filters to reach low income households with safe drinking water. The goal after the 100 filter pilot project will be to start importing water filters on a large scale in Argentina and start a social enterprise. 

Show your support and help us provide safe and climate resilient drinking water to families in Argentina. Click here to visit our crowdfunding page and donate today!

Join us on this journey to strengthen more just and resilient communities! Follow Idonella and Waste Bank Argentina on social media or contact Santiago Trejo at [email protected]!