Gold Standard for the Global Goals Key Project Information & Project Design Document (PDD) Nazava Water Filters Kenya

May 1st , 2024

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Background on the Nazava Kenya Carbon project

Nazava Water Filters Limited is a social enterprise dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of access to clean drinking water in Kenya. Our focus lies in distributing ceramic candle water filters, impregnated with silver nanoparticles and filled with activated carbon (see Figure 1), specifically targeting low-income households in both rural and urban areas. This effort is facilitated through a network of resellers and microfinance institutions. The core objective is to make affordable Nazava Water Filters available, capable of effectively removing contaminants and ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water to households and institutions. The project is large-scale and has a duration of 10 years (5 years, renewable twice).

The project will involve the distribution of the Nazava Water Filter in Kenya as the planned target area for the project implementation. The project owner Nazava Water Filters Limited will do the preparation and implementation of the project.

The project addresses a critical issue in Kenya, where many people lack access to safe drinking water. This lack of access to safe drinking water leads to waterborne diseases like diarrhea, which causes significant health problems and even death, especially among children. Nazava’s ceramic filters offer a solution by providing a continuous supply of microbiologically safe drinking water.

The Nazava Water Filter, see Figure 1, is a 2×16-liter ceramic water filter with a flow speed of 2 liters per hour. The 2×16-liters ensure a full-day supply of drinking water for the whole household. The upper compartment is where the inflow of unsafe water occurs whereas the second compartment contains the filtered purified water with an outlet attached to it. The Nazava ceramic filter candle called the Nazava PROT3CT has three main working components.

  • The ceramic filter with pores of 0.4 micron filters out bacteria.
  • The nanosilver particles mixed with the ceramic kills the bacteria.
  • The activated carbon inside the ceramic improves the taste, odor and color.

Using this technology, households can filter their own tap, well, river or rainwater. All these filters come with a local language user manual with clear directions, an indicator for filter replacement and a one-year warranty card. The Nazava Water Filter has been shown to effectively reduce diarrhea diseases, with independent tests and assessments available.

Figure 1 Nazava Water Filter

how the nazava drinking filter works.

The project not only improves health outcomes, but also has environmental benefits. By substituting the use of non-renewable biomass with the Nazava Water Filter for water purification, the project reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses. This initiative aligns with the Gold Standard, contributing to climate change mitigation by reducing firewood consumption and indoor air pollution associated with traditional water purification methods.

Nazava Water Filters Limited and their selected partners, such as saccos and microfinance institutions, will distribute the filters. Nazava Water Filters works together with 9 team leaders in the field to reach the communities and villages. The target is to distribute 72.291 filters by the end of the crediting period. Nazava Water Filters will train more sales agents to contribute towards the target of 72.291 filters.

Overall, the project aims to enhance living conditions in rural and peri-urban areas of Kenya by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water, which is essential for health and well-being.

Contact details to for feedback and information

General Nazava Contact Details , [email protected], call or whatsapp: +254 111902431

Racheal Macharia, Water and Carbon Expert, Nazava Water Filters, [email protected]

Marleen Ophorst, Expert Water & Climate, Nazava Water Filters, [email protected]

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stakeholder consultation report