From Aceh with safe drinking Water

Lieselotte Heederik built the first filter out of local materials for her own use while she was in Aceh, Indonesia working for nongovernmental organizations in the aftermath of the 2014 Tsunami.

“While working in Aceh we discovered how hard it was to get safe drinking water. Our well was dirty, so boiling was no option. We bought water from a refill station but carrying the water home was a hassle and we were not sure about the quality of the water.”

Lisa saw the potential for lasting change in the region. The disaster relief programs she was helping with depended on donations and she was tired of how much effort went into justifying how the money was spent. That

Nazava first opened its doors in a  small shop in the centre of Banda Aceh in the end of 2009. After a while  more and more sales came from other islands so we decided to move our head quarters to Java island.

Move to Bandung to serve the nation better

Nazava selected Bandung because of the cooler climate, cheaper rent and good connections to both Jakarta as well as Surabaya. Bandung itself is also a massive metropolitan area of over 10 million people that all need safe drinking water.

Besides the good business climate and nice weather the founders have family ties to Bandung as well. Guido’s mum was born there.

Towards 100 % local production

As demand increased the value of the dollar increased as well making imports ever more expensive. That is why Nazava decided to make all parts of the filter locally. In cooperation with local universities such as ITB and UNPAD together with Delft University and advice from Santa Clara university, Nazava could move its supply chain to Indonesia.

This has two big advantages. Nazava will be able to sell at its current low prices sustainably and because Indonesia is a very competitive economy, Nazava is can offer its products at a very competitive price at the global market.

From Indonesia to the world.

Nazava is now is exporting to Ethiopia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Tanzania. We can ship worldwide. If you like to become a reseller! Please contact Guido van Hofwegen [email protected] / Whatsapp: +6281360446295 for the latest info on pricing.