What They Say About Nazava

“In elementary school we use 3 units of Nazava and Alhamdulillah, the most important benefit is for the children, they no longer spend too much money just to drink water. The arrival of this Nazava product can provide benefits for children and teachers who usually drink with packaged drinks. The greater benefit of this product, Alhamdulillah, the children are kept healthy by using clearer, fresher water and lower costs. Nazava good water, good life.”

Syamsul Arifin – SDN 4 Cibabat Cimahi

My family used to boil water because we didn’t trust the quality of refilled gallon water. It was very bothersome for me, every day I had to get up early to boil water before I cooked and had to wait for cold water to be drunk. Luckily that afternoon, I attended the counseling about healthy drinking water from Nazava at the house of Mrs. RT. I was very interested and then started using Nazava Riam. A few days after using Nazava Riam, my sister who works at the hospital brought a sample of our well water that had been filtered using Nazava to be checked in the laboratory. The results show that the water is free of germs and bacteria and is safe to drink. Thanks Nazava, my family is healthier and I no longer have to bother boiling water to drink.

Yanti – Cimahi

Before my mother got Nazava, the water was still boiled, if the gas ran out it would be a hassle. Now that I’ve used Nazava, my mother has become lighter, so practically the water is not boiled first and the water is clean. At first, the mother was also surprised because the water that came in was a bit dirty, then it became clean and could be drunk immediately. In the past, it was a bit wasteful to usually boil water using gas, now it is more efficient, because the water can be drunk directly. I also recommend to my neighbors and family to use Nazava. Nazava water is fresh and steady.

Lisna – Anggota Komida Cikole