South Korea vs Ghana prediction based on water and hygiene

Prediction of korea ghana match based on water and sanitation

Ghanese will have to win this game to keep in the race to reach the last 16. Will they have a chance? Water is life, so let’s look into the data on access to water, sanitation and hand washing to see if Ghana stands a chance to win.

South Korea.

Forget Paris or Hollywood. Korea is now culturally the most influential country in the world. If you don’t agree, you are most likely a little old.  BTS, Squid Game, the World of the Married to name a few of the popular cultural exports. Also in the culinary world, Korea’s influence is rapidly growing.  Korea is one of Asia’s best football nations and finished 4th at the World Cup organized by Korea in 2002 when they were coached by the Dutchman Guus Hidding (see our predictions on the Netherlands). 

South Korea vs Ghana prediction based on water and hygiene

In the 1960s Ghana was just as rich (or as poor) as Korea, but nowadays Korea is over 20 times richer per capita. Ghana is ranked 61th on the FIFA ranking a little bit below Korea (38). Ghana is one of stronger teams in Africa, historically. It won the Africa Cup 4 times (in 1963, 1965, 1978, and 1982) and finished second 5 times.  Let’s look at the water statistics!

Where is the tap water better? South Korea or Ghana?

South Korea reports that 99% of households enjoy access to safe drinking water. Korea’s  drinking water is tested on at least 163 parameters and safe to consume directly. However many Koreans use a purifier or boil water before drinking it. Just because they are used to doing so or because they do not (yet) trust the quality of the plumbing.  

Ghana In Ghana 41% of the water is reported to be potable. Some of the cities have water grids providing safe drinking water.  In general, it is not advised to drink from the tap in Ghana. So get yourself a water filter! Also 10% of the population still has to walk 30 minutes to get water in the first place and many still rely on heavily contaminated surface water. Read more on self supply solutions,

Winner: South Korea

How many are connected to a sewer that works in Ghana? And in Korea?

South Korea

Everybody is connected to a sewer in Korea if we have to believe the SDG website. In general Korea’s sewage treatment is top notch. However, just like in Spain and Poland sometimes smaller treatment plants cannot cope and dump untreated water directly in the sea harming marine life and tourism. See article 


In Ghana 13% of the Population is connected to a sewer. 17.7% of the population or 5.5 million people in Ghana still practice open defecation meaning that they do not have a toilet, let alone a connection to a sewer pipe.

Winner on sewage collection and treatment: Korea

Access to water, access to sanitation and handwashing facilities in Korea Ghana

Where is it easier to wash your hands? Ghana or South Korea

Like most rich nations, South Korea is not reporting how many houses have facilities to wash their hands. According to this article South Koreas are very unlikely to wash their hands after going to the toilet. They are even worse than the Dutch.

Ghana reports access to handwashing statistics diligently, the current figure is 42%

A win for Ghana

Overall prediction: South Korea versus  Ghana – 2-1 

Win for South Korea .

South Korea Equador football predicted based on water and sanitation