Turn seawater in to drinking water using the sun Now possible in Indonesia

We often receive questions on turning sea water in to fresh water. This is not Nazava’s main business because fresh water sources are so abundant in Indonesia with at some places 6000mm of rainfall per year .   And Nazava Water Filters are perfect for any fresh water source but not for salty water . But some islands are really dry . So we are happy to share this news:

Producing fresh water from the sea using the solar energy? That is now possible in Indonesia!

In most remote and dry places and islands in Indonesia people get their drinking water from tankers and jerrycans that are delivered by boat. This water however is often expensive and ferrying the water to the clients causes high greenhouse gas emissions.

Mascara a Dutch company developed technology to turn salty water into drinking water. Mascara installed its first OSMOSUN® solar powered desalination plant in the Komodo National Park, Eastern Indonesia. The plan now produces fresh water and ice for the population since June 2019.

This first fully replicable pilot project in Indonesia providing drinking water to 500 inhabitants of the island of Papagarang leads the way to scale up this innovative and sustainable technology for the water supply in the country

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