Testimony from a Nazava Reseller, Mr. Hendra from Bandung

The vision and mission of Nazava Water Filters to provide safe drinking water to everyone everywhere cannot be accomplished by the Nazava team alone. Nazava therefore provides opportunities for everyone to become and agent of change as a Nazava reseller, spreading the word about safe and affordable drinking water.

About Nazava’s reseller program

Nazava has a network of over 100 resellers located all over Indonesia. Not only does our reseller program help Indonesia move towards safe drinking water for all, but the program provides resellers with an important source of additional income. Resellers earn on average US$26 in additional income each month selling Nazava products, representing a 14 percent increase on their monthly income. Interest free KIVA loans allow our resellers to purchase Nazava products on credit to help them grow their business.

Over 100 informal resellers sell Nazava products all over Indonesia.

Testimony of a Nazava reseller who’s mission is to educate the community

Mr. Hendra, a Nazava reseller from Bandung has a mission. Many people become Nazava resellers to earn extra income. However, Hendra became a Nazava reseller with the mission of educating society about the importance of drinking safe water for their health.

Drinking water is often sold in Indonesia at high prices and the quality cannot be guaranteed as safe. As a reseller and a Nazava user himself, Hendra knows that the Nazava Water Filter is a good product and has the potential to help Indonesia become a healthier society.

Hendra thinks that cities with extremely poor water quality should be an important focus for providing clean water. Therefore, Hendra wants to spread the news about Nazava and invites everyone who uses Nazava to share in informing their loved ones about Nazava so they can get safe drinking water. For Hendra, the profit he gets from being a reseller is not the main thing. He hopes that everyone can gain access to safe drinking water. Watch his full testimony here (English subtitles available).

Based on an article originally written on Nazava’s Indonesian website by Prisca Davina Dwijayani. Translation by Steven Ramsey.