SWIMUSA Provides Drinking Water Filter for 1.200 Sejin’s Employee through Innovative Programme

The Problem of Safe Drinking Water for Employees

Based on data, 44% of water in Indonesia still contains bacteria even though it has boiled. One of the diseases caused by bacteria is diarrhea, 24,000 children die every year due to this disease, also there are many Indonesian people with intestines problems which leads to less productivity. 

Indonesians obtain drinking water in three ways: first, by boiling water, second, by purchasing refilled water, and third, by purchasing branded gallon water. The three methods of obtaining drinking water are not only unhealthy but also costly. A lot of money has been spent, particularly by worker households, to fulfill their drinking water needs.

  • IDR 1,700,000 or the equivalent of 122 USD spent from a household that boils water to fulfill their drinking water consumption per month.
  • IDR 3,000.00 or the equivalent of 200 USD from a household that buys branded drinking water to fulfill their drinking water consumption per month.

The information is based on monthly household expenditures for water and gas. Consider how many households would benefit from water filters after 1,200 PT Sejin employees received them. They would no longer need to boil or purchase branded water to meet their needs.

Innovative Collaboration between SWIMUSA, PT Sejin, and Nazava

SWIMUSA is one of the swimwear companies in the United States that collaborates with PT Sejin. As a company that comes from a developed country, SWIMUSA is very concerned about the health of the workers who work in its partner factories. As a result, SWIMUSA began looking for drinking water solutions for their swimwear workers at the end of 2020. Swimusa discovered Nazava, a social enterprise that manufactures water purifiers that have been tested and have won various awards.

After discussions between SWIMUSA and Nazava, SWIMUSA agreed to start paying attention to the aspect of the availability of safe drinking water at the Sejin Factory, Banten.

Among the various problems related to proper drinking water PT Sejin in Tangerang, Banten had the opportunity to get 1,200 units of water filters to be distributed to each worker, most of them are female workers.

Water filter distribution supervised by Nazava or PT Holland for Water is an effective solution to healthier and more productive employees at the factory, which focuses on the production of swimwear for the export market.

Nazava Assistance for Users

1,200 units of Nazava water filters distributed to all employees of PT Sejin is not a small amount. In the process, there are many workers who are completely unfamiliar with water filter technology.

Responding to a situation where many workers are still unfamiliar with water filter technology, Nazava conducted socialization with workers regarding the use of water filters.

After the filters are distributed to workers, there will be 7 days of assistance from Safe Water Consultant Nazava. The staffs are available to assist users if they encounter problems. The Safe Water Consultant, will be at PT Sejin for 7 days beginning on the day the filter is distributed. Staff from Nazava will assist with consultation, warranty, and product education.

The Majority of the Beneficiaries of the Water Filter are Women

The beneficiary of water filter is dominated by women, it is indeed strategic because women are the decision-maker in their household. Water filters in their home will make the household activity easier because it is unnecessary to boil or buy the drinking water ever again. So it will save a lot of money on water, electricity, and gas.

This initiation was very well received by PT Sejin, represented by Mrs. Fauziyah Atik as HRD, thanks were conveyed to both parties, both Swim USA and Nazava, “Of course this is a good thing that should be welcomed with gratitude from our staff and all employees at PT Sejin. The value of this tool will certainly bring significant changes to employees because it makes life easier.”

With high employees’ productivity Nazava water filter is expected to change the lives of employees from two sides:

  1. Safe drinking water in the workplace will make workers feel helped because the supply of healthier water will be more affordable.
  2. Safe drinking water at the household level. With the Nazava water filter, PT Sejin employees who are dominated by women no longer need to cook water or buy gallons, also they can save electricity and gas bills.

We expecting that other companies also follow to use a water filter to provide safe drinking water to the workers.

Savings and a Healthier Lifestyle

From the 1,200 beneficiaries who bring the Nazava water filter to their home, then there will be 6000 people impacted. 1,200 households using Nazava water filters will be able to save 122 – 200 USD per month or the equivalent of 1,464 – 2,400 USD per year. These savings can be allocated for other things such as education, entertainment, electronics, and retirement savings.

In addition, using a Nazava water filter will save your time because you no longer need to boil and buy drinking water, so you can increase productivity!

Let’s learn further about safe water for your employee here.