Nazava won the Tech Award for technology benefiting humanity in 2013

Nazava Water Filter wins Tech Awards 2013 is one of 10 Innovators from around the World recognized for applying Technology for Human Good
San Jose, California, USA, and Bandung West Java, 24 September 2013. Today, Nazava Saringan Air is named a 2013 Tech Awards winning institution, as one of the top 10 global innovators recognized every year for implementing technologies that benefit humans and fuel global change. . The Tech Awards, the flagship program of The Tech Museum of Innovation, and presented by Applied Materials, Inc., selected the Nazava Water Filter as one of two winners in the Nokia-supported Health Category.

Tech Awards is a great honor

The Tech Awards are a great honor, recognizing individuals and organizations who have ideas and who implement ideas that can change the world. “We are proud that we are among the institutions recognized for their contributions, and we will continue to provide safe drinking water for everyone everywhere”, said Syahri Abdilah, Manager of Nazava.

Hundreds of millions of people do not have access to healthy drinking water

“In Indonesia, more than 150 million people cannot afford safe drinking water. Nazava provides a way to solve this problem. Nazava provides an easy-to-use household capacity water filter, where the water filter can provide safe drinking water without the need for firewood, LPG or electricity, therefore it can improve health, save time and family money,” explained Syahri Abdillah, manager Nazava. Nazava strives to provide 1 million people with a healthier life as well as an average annual savings of $70 per household, 39 Tons of CO2 emission reductions, and create jobs for 300 people by 2016. Today, Nazava has Nazava sold more than 15,000 water filters that can improve the health of more than 75,000 people”.

Nazava is an Indonesian – Dutch company founded in Banda Aceh in 2009. Now Nazava has more than 53 agents around Indonesia and has also exported to more than 10 countries. For more information about Nazava, please visit the website

About Tech Awards

About The Tech Awards: Technology for the Benefit of Humanity is one of the world’s premier annual awards programs on humanity. The Tech Awards recognize technical solutions that benefit humanity and address the most critical problems facing our planet and its people. This award program is awarded to 10 innovators per year in addition to the recipients of the Global Humanitarian Award. Winners are selected by a panel of prestigious international judges organized by the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at the University of Santa Clara. The panel of judges was composed of leaders from Santa Clara University as well as leaders from educational and research institutions, industry, and government.
Founded in 2000, The Tech Awards recognizes 10 winners in five categories: environment, education, youth innovators, health and economic development. These winners have developed new technological solutions or innovative ways to use existing technology to significantly improve the lives of people around the world. Each winner will receive a $25,000 or $75,000 cash prize at the Awards Gala annual meeting in Santa Clara, California on Thursday, November 14, 2013.
This year, the winners represent the global vision of the program with winners from countries such as India, Kenya and Mexico. Nazava is the second institution in Indonesia to win the Tech Awards.

Main sponsor of Tech Awards

The main sponsors of the Tech Awards are Applied Materials, Inc., Intel Corporation, Microsoft, Swanson Foundation, Nokia, Flextronics, Polycom, Qatalyst, Seagate, NASDAQ OMX, Accenture, KPMG, Ernst & Young, Google, Charmaine and Dan Warmenhoven, Xilinx, Coca -Cola, The Sathaye Family Foundation, Cisco, GoDaddy, Ruder Finn, Bain & Company, NBC11, San Jose Mercury News, Stanford Social Innovation Review, San Jose Marriott Hotel, The Fairmont San Jose, SunEdison, Hayward Quartz Technology, KQED, Jamieson Ranch Vineyard,, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Dazian, Karen Mullarkey, and Berrett-Koehler. For more detailed information about The Tech Awards, please visit The Tech Awards.