Nazava Wins Get In The Ring Competition at COP 28

Nazava Water Filters wins Get in the Ring COP 28: Unleash the Power of Innovation in Water

December 9, 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Nazava Water Filters was one of two water start-ups to win the Get in the Ring pitching event at COP 28 in Dubai. The event brought together four pioneering water startups to Unleash the Power of Innovation in Water. The competition was organized in collaboration by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Invest in Holland, embassy and consulate general of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the UAE, and the Get in the Ring competition by Unknown Group.  Nazava’s victory in the competition is a testament to our climate change impact. 

The Two Winners and Their Solutions:

🔴 AKYAS Sanitation:

Dedicating efforts to revolutionize sanitation solutions for the base of the pyramid population, AKYAS Sanitation introduced a groundbreaking concept—a wastewater treatment plant in a bag, symbolizing a paradigm shift in sanitation innovation.

🔵 Nazava Water Filters:

Providing accessible and affordable drinking water solutions across Asia, Africa, and beyond. By providing safe and affordable drinking water Nazava also empowers women, addresses climate change, and helps communities become more resilient to natural disasters. 

Nazava Water Filter is committed to climate action

Since using Nazava replaces the need to boil on wood or LPG we reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, as drought and heavy rainfall affect the quantity and quality of drinking water, Nazava’s WHO certified water filters improve adaptation capacity and resilience to natural disasters. Nazava is featured on GIZ climate change adaptation community and we are a top innovator in the World Economic Forum’s Humanitarian Resilience Challenge.

Minister Mark Harbers of Infrastructure and Water from the Netherlands recognized and celebrated Nazava Water Filters’ contribution as he presented the award. This recognition reflects the commitment of Nazava Water Filters to making a meaningful impact on water accessibility and affordability.

Lieselotte Heederik, co-founder of Nazava Water Filters, expressed her gratitude for the recognition, and emphasized the role of the private sector in climate action, “What a great honor to be invited and being one of the two winners! The private sector plays a huge role in battling the climate crisis. We at Nazava Water Filters make lower income communities in Indonesia and Kenya more climate resilient whilst at the same time reducing Co2 emissions by replacing the need for boiling water on wood or charcoal.”

Nazava wins Get In The Ring battle at COP 28 in Dubai

Nazava co-founder Lieselotte Heederik along with fellow winner Akyas co-founder Mandy (Ching Man) MUI

Towards Global Recognition

Nazava’s victory in the COP 28 challenge earned us a spot in the Global Meetup—an opportunity to showcase our innovative solution on the global stage. Thank you to Get in the Ring COP28 for spotlighting and fostering groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to reshape the future of safe and sustainable water. 

To learn more about how Nazava Water Filters reduces carbon emissions and helps communities become more resilient to climate change, check out this article!