Nazava Water Filters wins Energy Globe Award

Nazava water filters  is pleased to announce that it has received the prestigious National Energy Globe Award for Indonesa 2017. The Energy Globe National Award is one of today’s most prestigious environmental awards that recognize best practices in sustainable solutions from around the world.Indonesian social enterprise Nazava manufactures ceramic water filters which provide clean water to rural and urban households, reduce the amount of wood and LPG burnt to boil water, create local jobs and bolster economic development.

Untreated water and poor sanitation cause an estimated 24,000 deaths of children below 5 each year in Indonesia partly because of bad quality drinking water. An innovative approach  to improve this situation is shown by this year´s winner. A locally produced ceramic water filter offers a low‐cost high quality alternative that provides clean drinking water in Indonesia . Through trained resellers and sales persons, water filters are sold directly in villages and urban neighbourhood ensuring affordable drinking water for all.
Nazava  was established in 2009 by Lieselotte Heederik and Guido van Hofwegen.  More than 100,000 filters have been sold to date in Indonesia Nazava  generating impressive social and environmental impact.
By displacing water boiling practices, the water filters are helping Cambodian households to avoid the unsustainable burning of wood and LPG saving thousands  tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

See award here: Nazava winner of National Energy Globe Award

Founded In 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer, Wolfgang Neumann, Energy Globe Award is one of today’s most prestigious environmental awards. Successful winners present projects that demonstrate the very best sustainable practices in energy efficiency, renewable energy and conservation of resources.
Competitors come from all over the world (151 countries) and over 1,000 projects are submitted annually across five categories: earth, fire, water, air and youth.