Cameroon vs Brazil who wins football if we look to access to drinking water

Cameroon Brazil who will win considering access to water.

World cup predictions based on access to safe drinking water and sanitation

The Indomitable Lions will have to win this match against the divine canaries and even then they are not sure they will move to the last 16. However, as we have proven during this world cup, access to water is a very important determinant of success on the football field. Let’s see how these two nations perform on access to water. But first a little background

.Cameroon. Just like Brazil Cameroon got its name from the Portuguese. Portuguese explorers reached the coast in the 15th century and named the area Rio dos Camarões (Shrimp River), which became Cameroon in English . The Portuguese did not colonize Cameroon. Cameroon was briefly colonized by the Germans which were replaced by the French after the first world war.

Brazil got its name after the Brazilwood tree that grows abundantly in Brazil, or did grow at least. Brazil is number 1 in the Fifa Ranking 42 places above Cameroon. The Brazilians love football and they are very good at it. Brazil is the most successful national team in the history of the World Cup, having won five titles, earning second-place, third-place and fourth-places. Will they win again? Let’s check the water and sanitation situation in the two countries

Cameroon vs Brazil Access to safe drinking water

Cameroon. As we wrote previously nobody has access to safe drinking water in their house in Cameroon. Many people do not even have a tap. So if you are in Cameroon, get yourself a water purifier.

Brazil. 85% of Brazilians have good quality water from the tap that is drinkable according to the data. When we asked uncle google the answer was more dim. It says that sometimes you might be able to drink the water in some areas. So we downgrade this number to 25%. Water filters are widely used and available in Brazil so just get yourself one of those if you are in Brazil

Winner: Brazil.

Cameroon vs Brazil-access to water and sanitation

Cameroon vs Brazil : people connected to proper sewerage systems.

Cameroon. Nobody has access to safe sanitation in Cameroon. Less people (5%) now go to the bushes to do their job (open defecation) but most of the toilets are connected to septic pits that are in open contact with groundwater or just drain to rivers and lakes. At least, last year Cameroon opened its first sludge treatment plant to treat sewage from septic tanks. A small step forward that is!

Brazil , in Brazil almost half of the people are reported enjoying decent sanitation and are connected to a working sewage system. That also means that 90 million people do not have proper sanitation facilities.

One public health expert calls the sewage system in Rio largely “medieval,” comparable with London or Paris in the 14th or 15th century, in the Business Insider.

Winner: Brazil .

Where can you wash your hands more easily in Cameroon or Brazil?


In Cameroon, 36 % of houses have hand washing facilities. Not bad at all for a country where 71% of the population lives off less than US$5.5 per day.

Brazil. We thought only rich countries are not reporting on this parameter. Probably Brazil wants to be rich and therefore has already stopped reporting on hand washing facilities. We count that as 0%. A pity because Brazilians are set to be very hygienic people. As this Brazilian blogger says Brazilians wash their hands for everything, especially before eating.


Brazilians wash their hands for everything, especially before eating.

Winner on handwashing : no winner

Our prediction: Cameroon Brazil 1 -2, Brazil will win.

Cameroon vs Brazil based on access to water brazil wins