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Picture Product Name Specification/Features
Nazava Riam Water Filter

Nazava Riam Water Filter

Riam® Water Filter ·         Max Capacity (Volume) 16 liters

·         Flow speed: ~2 liters/hour

·         Weight: 2.5 kg, Volumetric weight:7kg

·         Designed by Delft University Netherlands

·         1 Filter Candle

·         Worldwide best seller

·         20FT CTR fits 1152pcs

·         40FT-HC CTR fits:  3740pcs

Nazava bening small water filter

Transparent  Small Water Filter ·         Max Capacity (Volume) 6 liters

·         Weight: 1.5kg, volumetric weight: 3kg

·         1 filter candle, flow speed: 2 liter /hour

·         20FT CTR fits 2000pcs

Trendy Water Filter for Dispenser

(Excluding  dispenser)

·         Max Capacity (Volume) 12 liters

·         Flow speed: ~2 liters/hour

·         Weight: 2kg Volumetric weight: 7kg

·         Included: Filter Candles (1)

·         20FT CTR fits 1000 pcs

In-line Tap Water Filter ·         Flow speed: 60 liters/hour

·         Weight: 2kg

·         Included:

o   Filter housing

o   Nuts, hose and tool to open

o   Set of supporting legs (1)

o   Filter Candles (1)

20FT CTR fits 10,000pcs

Nazava® Ceramic Water Filter Candle ·         Weight: 0.25kg

·         Last 7000 liters or 3 years

·         Removes 99.99% of bacteria

·         Equipped with filter lifetime indicator

·         Compatible with all Nazava® filter products

·         Silver impregnated,  filled with activated carbon

·         20FT CTR fits 20,000pcs