Help to provide clean water for Mozambique- crowd funding campaign

As you probably know, there is a disaster going on in Mozambique by- and in the aftermath of- cycloon Idai. More than 1.2 million people are victim and the UN has already announced this is the biggest disater ever on the southern hemisphere.

Clean drinking water is extremely needed right now. Water sources are polluted and destroyed through the natural violence. Cholera is luring around the corner, so drinking water priority no. 1.

Staff from Resilience BV  that work in Mozamique are volunteering to provide safe drinking water to the disaster area. Resilience has developed waterfilters through the social enterprise Nazava. The waterfilter removes 99.9% of all bacteria as tested by the World Health Organisation. The waterfilters will be distributed free of charge by Resiliênçia Moçambique, a daughter company based Chimoio which is on the edge of the severely affected areas. We will do this in collaboration with NGOs, in areas that we know well as we have been working there for years.

For 25 euros, we can provide a family (at least 5 people) with a water filter. Through this filter, a family can make rain-, river- and floodwater clean and safe to drink. And they can continue it for at least two years, so it’s also a sustainable solution!

Our aim is to collect 50,000 euro’s, in order to provide clean drinking water to 10,000 people through a crowd funding campaign

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