Healthy Employees through Safe Drinking Water

Why Safe Water for Your Employees?

1. The Water that Your Employees Drink is Not Safe

44% of the water in Indonesia contains bacteria that can make you sick even though it has been boiled.  This is because people do not boil the water long enough and store the water in dirty pots and pans. In cities, many people buy water in refill bottles. Government tests reveal that 40 % of the suppliers sell water that contains pathogens and is not safe to drink. The government advises boiling refill water before consuming it. Over 24,000 children die of diarrhea annually and many Indonesians live with chronic intestinal diseases that make them less productive. Providing your employees with safe drinking water at home and at the office will make them healthier and more productive.

2. Your Employees Spend Too Much Money on Drinking Water

People that boil their water spend 122 USD per year on boiling. For safe branded bottled water, a family will at least pay 200 USD per year. This is a lot of money for people earning around 200 USD per month. Imagine this money could be spent on education and other household necessities.

The Solution:

Nazava water filters turn the tap, well, and rainwater into water that is 100 % safe to drink without the need for boiling.

Nazava water filters are easy to use and no electricity is needed. The filter uses a ceramic membrane that has pores smaller than 0.4 micron which is 50 times smaller than a human hair. Bacteria are larger than 0.4 microns and cannot pass. Nanosilver particles in the ceramic membrane kill the bacteria that get stuck in the membrane. High-quality activated carbon in the core of the Nazava filter removes unwanted taste and odors.

A Nazava water filter will enable your employees to live healthier lives and save hundreds of dollars every year. The filters are easy to use and last for a long time. The filter candles need to be replaced after 7000 liters which are about 2 years.

What is the Deal?

You help your employees to purchase a Nazava Water Filter by giving them the opportunity to pay the water filter in installments.  Our best-selling water filter costs Rp260,000 so that means 5 installments of only Rp52,000.

What are the Costs For My Company?

Nothing. We provide your company with a 15% discount to cover the costs of collecting the payments.

This is How it Works

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