Towards a healthier and prosperous Cimahi

Nazava provided free drinking water to participants of the event “road to ” HUT -17 Cimahi at the muncipality office on 5 may 2018. Nazava sales staff also explained visitors how to tackle diare.

In Cimahi you cannot drink the water from the tap, and most residents rely on well water. Most well water is contaminated by fecal bacteria that can make you sick.  Because of that most residents buy water or boil water. Boiling water is very time consuming and LPG is becoming expensive. Also, because Cimahi is located at an altitude of 800 meters which means that water already boils at 97.5 degrees Celcius instead of 100. This means that you have to let the water boil a longer time to kill all bacteria.  Also a lot of well water is quite turbid and yellow because of iron. Boiling does not remove this.  Because of that diarrhea is still a common condition.  “When I speak to Health center staff they tell me that many people come in with diarrhea”, says Guido van Hofwegen , Nazava’s director.

In order to get healthy water  residents now boil branded water. However this is very expensive. 19L bottles of water costs 17,000.-IDR. Average families easily spend 2 million IDR per year on drinking water. This is a lot compared to the minimal wage in Cimahi of 3 million.

Many  visitors of the Nazava booth were surprised to know there is a way to get safe drinking without having to boil or buy water.  They learned that with a Nazava water filter you can turn well, tap and rain water into water that is ready to drink and taste very nice.  The Nazava water filter is very durable. The Dutch design means that it looks very modern and elegant as well. “The Nazava water filter is an important step towards a healthy and modern live style that we all strive for”, says Van Hofwegen.