150 000 volcano refugees in Bali need water urgently please support them now!

Mount Agung volcano in Bali, Indonesia is about to erupt

As you might already know, the imminent eruption of Mount Agung in Bali Indonesia has displaced over 150,000 people staying in over hundred refugee camps.

The volcano refugees these camps, families, mothers and children do not have access to drinking water.

How to help the volcano refugees

But with just 20 euro you can help out. 
Donations can be made here: http://bit.ly/2hMZ2JI
(yes, it’s a quick and easy process, we promise!)

Clean drinking water and therefore Nazava water filters have never been more important than NOW. Jeroen van Overbeek , Nazava’s agent in Bali and founder of  Social Impakt is fundraising for the filters. Jeroen is already on the ground helping to provide clean drinking water in the camps but we need more funding to keep supplying the growing need of water filters.
As we got many request on how the volcano refugees could be supported, this is a perfect opportunity. For as little as 20 euro you can provide a water filter to a refugee camp! Any amount is welcome. The refugees in Bali  need your help. And please share.

Nazava water filters (like the Nazava Riam) turn well, tap and river water into water that is ready to drink. The filters remove bacteria and make dirty water clean. The filters will still be effective when volcanic ash gets into water sources.  

You can donate online on http://bit.ly/2hMZ2JI

Or you can also donate to
In Netherlands (EU/ Worldwide)
IBAN: NL19 ASNB 8804 3010 74, SWIFT ASNBNL21 Bank: ASN BANK
Beneficiary: Stichting Technology for Humanity Address: Zweeloo, Netherlands

from Indonesia:
Bank Mandiri, 1320019117770, Guido van Hofwegen, Bandung

worldwide: PayPal

We’ll keep you posted!

Warm regards, Lieselotte and Guido